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Dr. Kacey L. Jenkins

Kacey L. Jenkins is a psychotherapist based in Wesley Chapel, FL.  She has a master's degree in clinical psychology and a  Ph.D. in clinical counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.  She has a certification in perinatal mental health and  is a Prepare Enrich Facilitator.  She has been supporting clients in therapy for a decade and has a passion for helping people to find their way through life’s most complex and difficult times.

Dr. Jenkins' main focuses in clinical practice are couples' therapy and perinatal mental health.  She has a true heart for helping families during the transitional time of bringing baby home and introducing new members into the family unit.  She also loves helping parents to resolve behavioral issues by creating and implementing support strategies that are individualized to a particular person within the context of their family system. 

She currently engages in technology assisted therapeutic services (teletherapy) for individuals who reside in the states of Kentucky and Florida

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My Qualifications

Education and Work Experience

B.A. in Psychology

Dr. Jenkins completed her bachelor's degree at Western Kentucky University where she found an interest in psychopathology that led her to pursue graduate training in the area of clinical psychology.

M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Jenkins completed her master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University where she researched gender and cultural differences in faith based beliefs.  She uses her knowledge of clinical psychology in diagnosis and assessment as well as to complete functional analyses in order to write positive behavioral support strategies and interventions for individuals.

Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling

Dr Jenkins completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Trevecca Nazarene University where she researched attachment style, use of technology, and susceptibility to infidelity.  She has been working in a clinical capacity with married couples and families for over a decade.

Perinatal Mental Health

Dr. Jenkins has become certified in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International (PSI).  It is a passionate area of interest for her where she hopes to help fulfill PSI's mission and vision of promoting awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues so that women and families worldwide will have access to information, social support, and informed professional care to deal with mental health issues related to childbearing.

Prepare Enrich Facilitator

As a Prepare Enrich Facilitator, Dr. Jenkins works with dating, engaged, or married couples to help "identify their relationship strengths, gain understanding about the underlying dynamics that influence their communication, and help couples develop skills to improve areas identified for needed growth.  Prepare Enrich is an assessment intended to provide insights into your relationship with over 30 customized categories of assessment that encourage discussion, increase relationship skills, and has been shown to decrease risk for divorce when taken before marriage.  Assessments for parenting, fostering, and adoption are also available.

Teaching  & Training

Dr. Jenkins has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and counseling for a decade.  She enjoys helping to educate students entering the profession and occasionally works with students on writing strategies intended to increase cohesion and integration in documents.  Dr. Jenkins also enjoys training support staff on dealing with mental health and behavioral issues in an array of environments.


Dr. Jenkins is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (#262007) by the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists. 

She is also licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist #MT3841) by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. 

Dr Jenkins  is Certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C® certification #PSI4694) Psychotherapy Track by Postpartum Support International.

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What To Expect

Session Length and Service Rates

Minors: Initial sessions are 75 minutes in duration and held with guardian present in order to gain a more full understanding of presenting problems and to set up agreed upon boundaries for how necessary information will be shared with guardians.  Sessions thereafter will be an hour in duration and may be held individually with minor unless parental involvement is necessary or most useful for the specific circumstances.  Any conversations that need to be held between guardian and therapist are most productive at the beginning of the therapy session unless significant issues arise during session.  (intake session: $130, subsequent sessions: $100)               

Individuals: Initial sessions are 75 minutes in duration and therapist and client will spend a majority of that time completing an intake that explores all facets of the client's life and deciding preliminary goals for therapy.  Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes in duration.   (intake session: $130, subsequent sessions: $100) 

Groups: Individuals are screened for appropriateness for group attendance before entering a requested group.  Group sessions are 90 minutes and are open meaning that new members can be added throughout the tenure of the group. (45 minute intake screening for individuals not enrolled in other therapy services: $65, group sessions: $35 per participant)

Couples: Initial sessions are 90 minutes in duration and members will complete an intake and come up with therapeutic goals for their marriage or family.  Depending on particular circumstances, both partners in a couple may then have an individual 60 minute session before resuming joint sessions.   (intake session: $175, subsequent sessions: $120)

Prepare Enrich Assessments: The assessments are emailed separately to each partner to be completed individually and separately.  Once completed, therapist receives a feedback report to review strength and growth areas with couple and sections of the assessment are typically addressed in therapy sessions over several sessions. (assessment and feedback report: $65)  

Gottman Relationship Checkup: This clinical tool consists of 480 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well you know your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, how you share your values and goals, and what gives meaning to your lives. There are additional questions about parenting, housework, finances, trust, and individual areas of concern. The questionnaire is completely confidential, fully HIPAA compliant, and your therapist will be the only person to see your responses. (assessment and feedback: $65)

Parenting Consultation:

Consultation packages include four 75 minute focus sessions on parenting strong-willed children or addressing behavioral problems and parenting strategies along with creation of behavioral reward charts and frequency graphs intended to document trends in problematic behaviors.  Additional focus sessions can be added as needed and determined appropriate.  A written assessment is an additional option that features a functional analysis (FA) of behaviors based on therapist observation and parental report It includes an individualized behavior support plan (BSP) that details positive behavior support strategies for increasing desired and decreasing undesired targeted behaviors along with specific interventions that can be implemented strategically and consistently across environments and caretakers.  (four session package: $800, optional FA and BSP: $1200)

Perinatal Consultations:

Consultation packages include three hour and 45 minute sessions that are tailored for each specific family's interests and needs.  This package is appropriate before or after the arrival of a new addition to the family and can be used to prepare for bringing baby home or to help couples and families adjust once baby has been introduced into the family.  Content can include education about mental health during the maternity and postpartum period, preparing and planning for inevitable changes with introduction of baby into the family system, dealing with expectations and changing roles within the relationship, understanding and offering support, ways to set boundaries with others, finding time and ways to engage in self-care, etc. Additional sessions can be added to package as needed. 

(three session package: $600)

Technology Assisted Services (teletherapy): Your therapist will assess whether or not teletherapy is appropriate to your specific situation. There are some clinical issues that require a more intense level of care and are contraindicated for exclusive teletherapy sessions.  Teletherapy takes place over a secure, HIPAA compliant platform that allows for face-to-face interaction while you are able to stay in the comfort of your own personal environment.   

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Helpful Information

Payment Options, Session Frequency, and Cancellations 

Do you bill insurance?

The short answer is, no.  Dr. Jenkins is out of network.  Insurance companies require diagnoses for reimbursement of clinical services.  Diagnoses are not always appropriate and can be entered into a consumer's medical record.  Although there is nothing wrong with a diagnosis and they can offer very good information in regard to treatment strategies and education, they can also have negative impacts when entered into one's medical record.  Insurance companies also determine the length of treatment, frequency of sessions, and modes of therapy for which they are willing to reimburse.   Private pay ensures that your information remains private and that it is not shared with a third party.  It also allows you and your therapist to make decisions regarding the frequency of sessions and duration of therapy that is appropriate to your unique situation.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted along with HSA cards.  Cash and checks are accepted for in-person services.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

Do you offer sliding fee rates?

Dr. Jenkins does not believe that finances should become a barrier to treatment with a qualified professional.  There is an income-based sliding fee scale that can be discussed as appropriate for families and individuals experiencing hardships.

How frequently are sessions scheduled?

The frequency of scheduled sessions is a decision that is made between client and therapist based on presenting issues specific to the client.  Some people have weekly sessions while others may meet every two weeks.  Over time, people may taper their sessions down to once per month and then check in periodically as needed.  The frequency of sessions really depends on the client.

What happens if I need to cancel a scheduled session?

Dr. Jenkins understands that life can unexpectedly cause the need for cancellations.  She intends to be respectful of your time and requests that appointments are cancelled at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible. All no call/no show appointments and habitual, untimely cancellations will be charged a $65 fee.

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