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Group Meeting

Individual & Group Therapy

Solidarity & Support

If you are seeking a safe and supportive environment to process your own individual circumstances or to connect with others sharing similar experiences, individual or group counseling may be appropriate for you. Available individual and group therapy services are listed below.  Email to inquire about in-person and online sessions.

Individual & Group Therapy: Service
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Individual Therapy

Self-Discovery and Exploration

A safe environment to explore work and family life balance, relationship issues (anger, resentment, disappointment, & loneliness), and learn new strategies for coping and self-care.

Pregnant belly

Baby on Board

Prenatal Support Group

This group is intended for pregnant women who are preparing to add new additions to their families. One goal of this group is to offer women sharing a common experience an opportunity to establish a social support network that can offer support throughout pregnancy and continue into the postpartum period.

Moms and Babies

The 4th Trimester

Post-Partum Mama Support

A safe space intended to offer community and weekly support for moms during the postpartum period. Welcoming a new child into your family is wonderful. It can also be a very difficult transition that introduces depression, anxiety, and an entire host of other feelings. You are not alone in your experience and community support can be instrumental in helping through the adjustment period.

Young Dad

The Father Factor

Post Partum Daddy Support

A safe space intended to offer community and weekly support for dads during the postpartum period. Although it may not be spoken about often, men can suffer from post-partum depression too. If you are having a difficult time with transitioning into fatherhood, you are not alone and this group can offer some peer support for you.

Individual & Group Therapy: Projects
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